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Re: Elastic energy


So - what exactly happens when the contact breaks? The plastic energy
is changing into kinetic energy???
Nope, it's removed from the system (and in turn, stored in total dissipated energy, letting us check conservation).

 Look at the elastic energy, it's
almost zero, how is it possible that kinetic energy is increasing?
Thats right, kinetic should never increase with this script.

To conclude, I suppose that this formula:

	plasticDissipation +=
	((1/currentContactPhysics->ks)*(trialForce-shearForce))//plastic disp.
	.dot(shearForce);//active force

is correct only when plasticDissipation increases. But totally
ignores the case when it decreases.

Plastic dissipation can never decrease, you can't recover dissipated energy.


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