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Re: Handling of underscores in page titles


2010/1/20 Casper Labuschagne <casper.labuschagne@xxxxxxxxx>:

> In an ideal world, I would really like to see Zim convert a link
> into CamelCase by default to make it easier to move the content to
> other Wiki's for the purposes of online publishing and do the same for
> the resultant file name.

In _my_ ideal world, CamelCase does not exist. When documenting
capitalized shorts and functions they show up as links, and that
pollutes my environment. Personal taste. If I want a link to a zim
page, then I explicitly create it, otherwise I would like zim to stay
away from magically mangling my text. Glad to find that zim has an
option to turn on and off CamelCase mangling.