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Re: Handling of underscores in page titles


> My main editing is done in VIM, though I use Zim to provide the
> structure and skeleton for the project.  If it is a paragraph, I will
> work within Zim, but if am going to spend the next hour on a particular
> text, I switch over to VIM.

Would you say that your case is a typical use case, or an uncommon use case?

> My preference is to have no spaces in
> filenames!

You don't have to add spaces in filenames, even if your software
supports it. The ext filesystems support spaces in filenames, do you
avoid them for that reason? You can just choose not to use spaces. As
you mention that you prefer camelCase to underscores, you would not
need to adjust your workflow should Zim suddenly support spaces in

Dotan Cohen


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