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Re: Call for user cases ?


> ... The other special thing about zim is that edit
> and view mode are not separated...
> The fact that I don't need to switch between edit and view mode is
> what makes zim so unique, and that paradigm really should be kept.
> For instance, if you see a mistake or type on a page, you simply go
> and correct it. You don't need to switch to an edit mode, search for
> the place with the error there, fix it, and switch back to view mode.

The editor I use in everyday life is Vim (Vi). Here you switch between
modes all the time. But you do so without taking your fingers off the
keyboard. A similar "edit" mode in Zim would be no harm so long as one
could keep the mouse out of the business.

> One thing that surely should be added is a way to easily switch the 
> editor to "raw mode" where it does not do any rendering. It should
> not be understood or used as the default edit mode, but it may be
> sometimes useful to see or edit the raw version of a page.

That is the point I'd like to support. With one key, and this could be
a function key like F2 for example, you could open an external editor
in a new window of course on the currently displayed page (im my case
that would be Vim) and do whatever editing you find suitable. Then after
saving, do a reload with Ctrl-R and that's it.


On the other hand you mostly really shouldn't need to do that.
Therefore there is no need to waste time doing revolutionary
development on Zim's code to enable raw editing. Just a key to open an
external editor and that's it.


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