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Re: Nautilus Bug 731481


Here's the current status:

I added the packages the reporter had on his system to Natty and
Maverick VM's and couldn't duplicate the bug.

Evidently the "works-for-me" comment to the bug report got the reporter
to look into it again.

he reported that it was still happening for him then:

> I reinstalled every package with nautilus in its name and, wonder oh
> wonder, it works.
> Thus can be closed.

So my first question is should we change the status from New and if so
what status works the best?  I see nothing like closed, or resolved by
user.  I don't think invalid is accurate.

That said I did find a situation close to the report.

If I try to open a samba share on a Vista machine that shares only a
printer no files, it opens a window (not a tab) and sits forever with
the busy cursor.  Should I report it.


For some reason, I keep forgetting to set the email account when
replying to this list.  You may see a duplicate [again]

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