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Re: "I'm Quitting": we both overreacted


2012/7/4 Daniel Foré <daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> As Cassidy and I have both been trying to say, there has been absolutely no
> change whatsoever to our "revenue model"
> As far as I am aware, the only change that is being made is to the design of
> the homepage and hopefully the addition of accepting credit cards for
> donations (something our users have constantly asked us for)

This is not how it's perceived by the community, as you have probably
noticed by now. I tried to explain how it's seen from developer point
of view, but with no luck so far; so I'll leave this to somebody else
so that you don't have to trust my perception or my limited
communication skills.

2012/7/4 Cassidy James c@xxxxxxxxxxx
> If you or anyone else has any further specific issues you'd like to raise, the Council is reachable at council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This means fragmented private discussions between interested community
members and the council, with all the burden of systematizing the
proposals on the Council. Doesn't sound like a good idea to me, so I
got really bold and kicked off a google doc instead. I've tried to
make it structured and split the problem into smaller parts that can
later be combined to avoid getting flooded by a multitude of options.
Council: please take a bit of your time to go through it. I.e.: please
show a little respect to the work done, and don't disregard it right
Everybody: please be nice in there.

I'm CC'ing the council email, just to make sure the doc is seen by the
council too.

While (according to Dan) you were not going to change the way you
attract donations, IMO it's time to do it. Especially since we're
unhappy about the current state of the matter.

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff

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