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Components already have a datasheet field.
All components ("root" components and aliases) have 3 doc fields:
- doc (this is a comment to help the user)
- keys works (to find them in libraries by keywords)
- doc file: this is like an url because it can be a filename or an internet link (if starting by http:)

But because the field "Sheet" is not used, one can use it for a better purpose.

The Doc file you mention is in the library, not in the schematic file. This is not sufficient. For example: the symbol could be in the library as a 5V part. But when placed into the schematic, the user can change the value and have that same symbol be a 3.3V part number so long as the pins are the same. Therefore at that time it could need a different datasheet.

Also, asking an external BOM generator to open library files to extract information is more work. Mine does not do that now. Later we can generate custom BOMs in python from within Kicad. But I disagree with you and think that the sheet field is useful now.