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Re: New zoom code musings.


Thanks Milan for this, and for all that you do to help the project.

Thanks for keeping the discussion on topic.

I would not object to 1.2 except that:

1) I just tried a zoom factor like this and with my complex board the zone redraws were to slow, making this an unusable zoom factor for PCBNEW. (In fact the current zoom factor in eeschema head is closer to 1.2 and I have no objection to that because the redraw speed is fast enough.) As the redraw speed goes up, then the total time to zoom significantly is (redraw time x no. steps).

2) If the zoom factor is too small, this leads to more steps, and then we are in the bind of not being able to fit them all on the menu.

1.2 is at least not a ridiculous value, like the suggestion of 2.5 was.


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