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Re: Latest info on copper zones using solid polygons without outline thickness.


Le 10/06/2019 à 03:40, lê văn lập a écrit :
> Dear all DEV !
> I am currently designing pcb using zuken's cr5000 software, I would like
> to contribute to kicad's development, this is gerber when exported from
> cr5000, they use line and arc to create copper zones, hopefully this
> will is a good idea for us

Alas! If your are talking about painting zones by segments, like the
filled (painted) zones shown by your images, this is a very bad idea:

* This is inefficient because it can create *a lot* of segments when the
minimal thickness is low (solid polygons are much more efficient).

* This is prohibited by Gerber file format: see chapter 7.7 of the
current gerber file format specifications (freely available from Ucamco):
Here is what this doc say:

"Painted areas and pads are not suited for PCB fabrication. Sending
files with painted to a PCB fabricator is quite disrespectful."

* For these reasons, this feature was removed from Kicad code some time ago.

If cr5000 software uses only painted zones, this is really a bad idea.

Now adding thick arcs in zone outlines to replace rough arc
approximation for a better shape is an other problem:
It could be a really good idea.
However I am guessing this is not so easy to code.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS