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Re: GitLab migration


What gave you the impression we were keen on moving shop? Github does everything we need it to do (unlike launchpad). My guess is that you chose gitlab over github because it can be installed on your own servers so is more future proof. (Nobody really explained why gitlab was chosen so i could be wrong.)

Also see https://gitlab.com/kicad/kicad_migration/issues/20

TlDr: Move will happen after the v6 file format is useable enough for us to close down the symbol side for contributions and convert. This will hide the negative effects of moving shop at least for half the open pull requests. Unless somebody gets a full syncroniszation of pull request going.

Plus lack of manpower. If somebody other than be gets our travis scripts to run then that would already be a massive help. (The move will still happen after the v6 format change unless we get a massive boost in manpower that allows us to handle two platforms during the transition.)

On 03/01/2020 23:31, Nick Østergaard wrote:
What is the blocker for the libs to move to gitlab.
I was under the impression that the librarians where the people most keen on moving to gitlab.

On Wed, 27 Nov 2019 at 21:39, Seth Hillbrand <seth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:seth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    On 11/27/19 11:42 AM, Rene Pöschl wrote:
    On 26/11/2019 21:54, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
    On 2019-11-26 12:41, Jeff Young wrote:
    OK, I’ve enabled 2FA.  Do I need to do something to get added
    back to
    the project?  (When I go to members, all I see are the bot,
    Seth and

    Hi Jeff-

    Wayne and the bot have permissions for the entire project.  I'm
    while sorting out the transition work.  Coding permissions are
    to https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/ .  Library permissions are
    specific to
    https://gitlab.com/kicad/libraries/ , etc.

    If you'd like push permissions in libraries, you'll want to
    check with
    Rene.  I think Nick or Marek will be managing the website section
    (someone fill me in).  I'll also need to know who to assign to
    the documentation section (Nick also?).  Once I get the packaging
    section set up, we'll have folks in charge of their relative
    builds that
    we can run through the GitLab CI runner interface.



    well it seems i do not have access to the group either.

    Hi Rene-

    I've added you to the top-level group.  There is a sub-group
    called librarians where everyone goes but group permissions can
    only be assigned to repositories and not other groups (missed that

    Let me know if anything else looks amiss.

    I'm going to re-sync the repositories this weekend to see if we
    pick up any additional folks who are creating GitLab accounts.


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