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Re: UI in French?


On Thursday 23,September,2010 09:29 PM, Leszek Lesner wrote:
Kernel changes will be also changed but only in the persistency file.
As the bootloader normaly searches for a vmlinuz and initrd on the fat32
portion of a usb stick, you need to replace the old vmlinuz and initrd
files on your usb sticks casper directory.

Thanks, Leszek, no wonder kernel changes didn't work for me in the past. Er, maybe I have to also rename initrd.img to initrd.lz, and move to the casper directory? Hopefully there is no need to do a update-initramfs -u, but I'll watch out for it.

Wonderful, you gave me an idea. I'll have to give it a try next time. - My Lubuntu is a 'real install' on a usb stick, but I am not complaining! It is far far better than a live stick.

Thanks and regards - Goh Lip

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