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Re: Suggestion: Move these apps from "Preferences" to "System Tools" (submenus or not)


On 02/13/2011 01:57 AM, Yorvyk wrote:

> May be worth looking at the Fedora LXDE Spin for ideas.

Sounds reasonable.  However, I saw this as a small bug needing fixing,
not a chance to do significant Lubuntu UI (re)design work :)

So for now, I've fixed the bug as presented (the original bug submitter
has declared himself happy with the proposed change, and others confirm
it works).  I've made the change in bzr and pushed it back up there, so
it is easy for the package maintainer to roll out a package containing
that change.  (Maybe I should set the bug to "Fix committed" already?
I'm not quite sure what "Fix-committed" means for bzr-based packages).

If others want to work on a more time-intensive overall enhancement of
the Lubuntu menu system, after researching other similar Linux
distributions using LXDE, that's great, but doing that is not a priority
for me personally right now.


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