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Re: CPUs Lubuntu 11.04 (i386) will run on


On 02/25/2011 06:05 PM, Phill Whiteside wrote:

> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu#System requirements sums up the
> decision taken.

The subject of this thread is "CPUs Lubuntu 11.04 (i386) will run on",
so, as far as I know, this thread is about 11.04, not about 10.04.

That "decision taken" is *not* to create i586-compatible binary .debs
for everything in 11.04, but just to do some continuing 10.04 support,
basically.  PYROcomp seems to want to go ahead and try to create them
all for 11.04 anyway, because he is very devoted to the i586 ... I was
pointing out how much work that would be :)

> stuff will need 'back-porting' but it is not an insurmountable
> task.

Backporting a few Lubuntu-specific packages to 10.04, sure, that's some
work, but is not huge.  In contrast, recompiling all of 11.04... would
be a different matter altogether, which is what I thought I said, and
what I think PYROcomp was suggesting.

> The kernel is also supported as an LTS, so we have pleantly of
> time :)  Dropping this onto such a small team as Lubuntu is was not
> 'pleasant', but everyone commited immediatetly to support the i585
> series as an LTS, even though 10.04 was a 'stable beta'.

Yes, but again:

  (1) continuing support for (and backporting a few things to) 10.04,


  (2) doing full i586 builds and tests of every package in 11.04

are two *very* different things, and have very different project
resource requirements.  PYROcomp appears to want his team to attempt
(2), the latter, much bigger, project -- hence my comments.  Apologies
if I was unclear, or if I misunderstood what PYROcomp was proposing.