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Re: Announcement: OCB 7.0 on github


OK, I'll made then PRs.


2014-07-03 10:19 GMT+02:00 Stefan <stefan@xxxxxxxx>:

>  On 03-07-14 10:02, Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero wrote:
>  Hi, Stefan,
>  I have changed Wiki to assign me 12 of the 49 conflicts (for now) for
> resolving manually bit by bit. Do you have any guide you want me to follow?
> What I have tought is:
>    - Inspect the changes of the revision and see if the patch is already
>    inside (because Odoo has made it, but with minor differences).
>    - If yes, nothing more to do. Mark as already patched by Odoo.
>    - If no, apply changes manually.
>    - Commit in local branch with original author.
>    - Push directly to GitHub.
> Hi Pedro,
> exactly right. For the sake of clarity: push to your own clone, then
> create pull request. The proposed changes still need to be inspected as in
> the regular review process, but I think we can fasttrack these and merge
> upon the second approval.
> Thanks!
> Stefan

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