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Re: odoo vertical-medical


> But many people may see this as an opportunity to distribute below-par
> software under the Odoo umbrella.
> And if there is no rein to this practice the ultimate victim of the lack of
> control is going to be the brand itself. Let alone the possibility of
> confusion. What or who may stop three different organizations from launching
> Odoo Legal or Odoo Trains or whatever? Or five organizations?

That is a good point, it's not that far fetched for people to release
modules named "Odoo <something>" just to make it seem more official
and of good quality.
I think OpenERP SA should give the right to use the Odoo trademark for
modules name only to the OCA association: that way if you want to name
a module Odoo you have to pass through the OCA and, therefore, through
a "peer review" process.

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