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Re: odoo vertical-medical



IMO, every project steering committee / team should be free to decide which
logo they prefer to use.

As long as there is no offense to OCA goals, I see no reason to provide
rules or guidance here.

Personally, I liked the odoo medical with the snake on the "I".



On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 5:39 PM, Mario Arias <the.clone.master@xxxxxxxxx>

> Great!
> Then so far we have:
>    - Vertical-medical is a first class citizen of OCA (not there by any
>    mistake)
>    - Repository name will stay Vertical-Medical, so it will be located in
>    githut at OCA/vertical-medical
>    - Technical name will be medical, so modules will be named medical_xxxx
>    - Application name will be Odoo Medical, to be used for
>    promotion/marketing...
> I will push the name changes next week, together with several functional
> ones, and will send another message when ready.  After that, everybody will
> be welcomed to contribute and make this vertical THE open source
> application for physicians and medical centers worldwide...   ;-)
> As for the logo, we still need resolution/guidance from OCA:
>    - Fonts and colors:  Stay with the official ones or push different
>    ones for OCA projects
>    - Use "wide" logos like the official ones (one line with odoo +
>    application_name) or make the logos use two lines (first one for "odoo" and
>    second one for application_name)
> Again, thank you all for your participation !!
> Regards,
> -Mario



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