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Re: Some basic ideas for Ubuntu TV.


Den 29. nov. 2011 01:46, skrev Ian Santopietro:
But then why have an Ubuntu TV at all then? Why not just take a
desktop and hook it up to your TV? If that's what you'd like, then why
bother with the TV mode at all? Instead, it sounds like your setup
would work best with a full blown Ubuntu desktop installation, rather
than a customized Ubuntu TV installation.

To answer your first question, because hooking up a computer using wires requires wires and work. Powering on your netbook does not require and work or cables. Even if I'm only watching TV, I might well want to use the laptop in front of me to enter search strings, for instance. And even with dumb TVs today, I often have a laptop nearby to chat or surf while watching TV. If the TV becomes a computer anyway, I don't see any reason why it should not be possible to hook up a keyboard and mouse to it.

Because this _is_ a PC. It is a PC that is primarily intended to be used to watch video, but other than that, it provides the same features as any laptop or desktop. I don't understand why you can't have additional software installed to make the physical product as valuable as possible.

The large majority of users see TVs as consumption devices, and that's
what they'll expect on a SmartTV as well. The consumption
opportunities are there, but they're expanded upon to bring in more
content from more sources, like the internet. But the idea of
developing a SmartTV OS that's just a desktop OS is antiquated, and
not a good idea.

I have never suggested anything like that. I'm just saying we shouldn't prohibit running normal applications on the users computers. If you are allowed to view video on your laptop computer, why shouldn't you be allowed to view a spreadsheet on your living room computer? Because that _is_ what these products are. They are big screens with powerful computers built into them, many times more powerful than the desktop I had when I first installed Ubuntu desktop. They have USB, HDMI, DVI, etc. Modern TVs have been computer monitors for quite some time now, but the new ones have PCs built in.

I see no reason to use Ubuntu TV if all it does is to allow me to have some fancy menus on screen. To me, that would be similar to having a desktop that could only use spreadsheets and was designet not to allow me to watch video, because it was designed to be a productive computer and not for entertainment.

Jo-Erlend Schinstad

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