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Re: No more dodge windows in Unity ? Why keep the "Always hide" option ?


Le 09/02/2012 22:06, Thorsten Wilms a écrit :
That's my opinion and that of many users. (We are discussing it in the
french community)

Can you even prove that auto-hide is better than dodge windows ? (I
doubt it)

Please read what Mark wrote about the results of Canonical's user testing. That will be as far as we get to proving, I guess.

I read it and I think he is partly wrong.

It just proves that newcomers don't understand dodge.

I think set never hide as default is a good solution to this problem.

But I, and many members of the french community, can prove that keep "always hide" instead of dodge is a better choice than remove the dodge too.

This solution just creates another problem they'll find in some months or a year when a newcomer tester will tell them "why the launcher is hidden when I have nothing on my desktop ?"

Mark, devs, designers are listening to their testers, so why can't they be listening to their users ?

Just have a look at OmgUbuntu, the french community and many others : Most will say dodge is better than auto-hide

Not everybody, but most.

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