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Re: Some impressions about the current status of Unity


On 25. feb. 2012 18:36, Adrian Maier wrote:
It's possible , but not comfortable .  Using the filters requires too
much clicking  (see below) .

The problem is the high number of clicks needed to have the job done :
-  click on dash ,
-  click on "search applications" ,
-  click on "Filters"  ,
-  click on "Local Apps" ,
-  click on "Games" ,
-  click on "see more results"

I don't understand what those steps should lead to. Why would you click on "search applications" or "local apps"? I mean, currently, there's only one other scope, which is the software center. Those results will be displayed below. I don't understand why that should disrupt anything. However, you should have access to your online games from there are well. Wouldn't you say?

The "available applications" scope can be permanently deactivated if you want to. Set /desktop/unity/lenses/applications/display-available-apps to False in dconf-editor, and you'll never see them again. You won't even see it as a source in filters. In the same place, you can also deactivate showing your recently used applications, which might make sense now that they are displayed in the dash.

So; once during the lifetime of the session, you need to click "see more results". After that, you won't have to click it again until you log out. I've proposed that it should be remembered between sessions as well, which would completely eliminate issue. I personally don't see one click per session as a huge problem, but it might be slightly more comfortable.

So we're left with something more like this:

* Right click Ubuntu and select Applications.
* Click games
* Click Wesnoth.

That's not so bad, is it? Of course the best way would be to press super, enter "we" and press enter. But we should have some fairly comfortable ways of using the mouse as well.

After doing all those clicks I am finally getting the complete list of
Games.  Clicking 6 times for seeing all the installed Games is way too

Yes, and currently, one is completely unnecessary, two must only be done once during the lifetime of the session. Filters are visible until you hide them. Scopes are selected until you change that selection. (And can be deactivated permanently if you wish to) The results are expanded until you collapse them again. So, in practice, except for the first time, that means one click more than using Gnome menubar.

My proposal was that this should be remembered between sessions as well, which would mean once during the lifetime of the user account.

If I want to move to another category it's necessary to click 2 times :
- click on  "Games"  to unselect it
- click on  "Internet"

Right. I think that's unnecessary. In the meantime, it would be very simple to add a middle-click to select and unselect in one go, for instance. Or opposite; middle-click to select more than one category, since that probably isn't the most common intention. That is somewhat inconsistent as well. In Nautilus, for instance, left clicking another entry will select that and unselect the previous selections, unless you use some kind of modifier. For that reason, I consider that a bug.

Therefore I tend to agree with the people who mentioned that the Dash
is designed for search , not for apps navigation in directory-style .
Navigation inside the Dash could be improved a bit if the changes
mentioned by Omar were implemented.

Yes, for rarely used things, search is preferred. Everything that's frequently used will be accessible with two clicks. For the more rare situations when you have to browse, there is a solution as well and I don't think it's fairly accessible. It obviously supports a lot more possibilities than the old menus could ever, such as online applications and games. So even if it were marginally less comfortable for local applications – which I don't think it necessarily has to be – it would still be worth it.

By the way :    i have also tried it "the Unity way " .
- press Super  , to open the dash
- type "games"
- it shows me only "Aisleriot Solitaire "

- if i type "game"
- it shows me 2 games :  "Aisleriot Solitaire " and "Freecell Solitaire"

Actually there are 2 more games installed : Mahjongg and Minesweeper.
Not impressed at all about these search results.  Hopefully this is
just a bug in the 12.04 beta .

Well, on my own computer, I usually know what games I have installed. If I want to play PokerTH, for instance, then I press super, enter "po" and press enter. I don't first search for games, then browse the available games and then click on PokerTH. If I wanted to play Solitaire, then I would press super, enter "so" and press enter. I have never typed the name of a category, and I don't understand why I would wish to do so, at least until we get scopes for online apps, games, etc.

"the feature" =  navigate applications in a directory-style  in an
easy, comfortable  way .

I don't think that's going to happen, because increasingly uncommon for people to have all their applications installed. Many of the applications people use are browser-apps. Having a hierarchical menu of tens of thousands of applications simply wouldn't work. That's the reason why we no longer use a directory to navigate the web, like we did in the early days, but instead use search engines. But I also don't understand why a hierarchical display is more comfortable, except out of old habit. We know that the old menu is very much more difficult to use for a large number of people, because it requires far greater accuracy with the mouse, for instance.

By easy I mean :  no unnecessary clicks,    and possibility to go from
one category to another   with at most 1 click  (preferably 0 clicks :
mouse hover) .

Switching by default instead of multi-select would be an improvement. Selecting by hover simply wouldn't work. Consider selecting "Graphics" on hover, for instance. Sure, you would display applications from that category, but then how would you be able to launch any of them without selecting a different category on your way there? While not theoretically impossible, it would be extremely difficult.

It can be a classic apps menu ,    or can be an improved Dash ,   or
can be some new fancy-looking categories browser that allows easy
navigation .

It is important to remember that "easy" is very subjective. You seem to be of the opinion that Gnome menubar was easier, for instance. But for someone with Parkinson's disease, it may be very much more difficult, since a shivering hand will often cause you to enter the wrong category, etc. A very large number of people have those kinds of problems. This doesn't affect you and me, but it still needs to be taken into account when doing general design.

It indicates that I no longer intend to spend too much energy with
discussing on this topic .

 From my point of view the issue is solved :   now I am aware about
several possibilities that will allow me to happily use Unity without
cursing every 5 minutes .

Sure. There's lots of good software on the internet that you can install and use in Ubuntu. But the point was simply that this is the Unity Design mailinglist and should probably be somewhat limited to Unity design, and not any third-party application that can be installed on Ubuntu.

Jo-Erlend Schinstad