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Re: Are there plans to add "Reboot" item to the power-cog menu in panel?


On 28/02/12 18:54, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
John Lea chose Displays, Startup Applications, and Printing as his guess of which panels were most used, and I didn't feel like debating that.

Which settings elements do you think are most used from System Settings? Do we have, or could we quickly get, data on that? We'll promote the three most-used or most-quickly-needed-when-needed items into the menu.

Since as already been stated, adding a restart option to the
system menu would require an "are you sure"-style popup which is
  already provided by the existing shut down dialog, I don't think
  that's necessarily a useful improvement or has consensus.
Agreed, that's not happening. Restart is an option in the shutdown
dialog, which is perfectly reasonable.

The 60 second story is pending some word from MPT, too.

The shutdown and logout dialogs (and the restart dialog, when it was
separate) used to have a 60-second countdown. We dropped it because it
is wrong to assume that the computer will shut down or log out by
itself once the countdown reaches zero.

OK, that settles the point.


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