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Re: Are there plans to add "Reboot" item to the power-cog menu in panel?


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Mark Shuttleworth wrote on 29/02/12 07:52:
> On 28/02/12 18:54, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
>> John Lea chose Displays, Startup Applications, and Printing as
>> his guess of which panels were most used, and I didn't feel like
>> debating that.
> Which settings elements do you think are most used from System 
> Settings? Do we have, or could we quickly get, data on that?

We could use the metrics collection system to learn that over a few
weeks. I guess we'd want to know which panels were most often opened
from the home screen of System Settings itself, rather than from any
other access point. (For example, it would be silly to put "Time &
Date..." into the device menu, even if it happened to be one of the
most common, since there's already a menu item for it inside the clock
menu next door.)

> We'll promote the three most-used or
> most-quickly-needed-when-needed items into the menu.
> ...

If the "System Settings..." item remained too, that would remain a
poor tradeoff: saving only one click (of an item on the System
Settings home screen), at the expense of an extra item in the menu
that people need to grok when deciding which of the seven ways to end
their Ubuntu session.

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