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Re: R: Re: Contact detection


How does this student learning time change, when students learn
python instead of C++ ? ;-))

I meant that it will be shorter, maybe a lot shorter :)

I hope to. However, 90% of the modelings still need a bit of c++ coding. You need a new constitutive law, you want a new body shape, you are implementing couplings, etc : c++ is still a prerequisite in most cases.

For people USING existing models, yes, it can be a lot faster.


The weak point is that you & me are not using python in fact (except
for some very simple stuff).
(You know where your problem is, then)
 So students at 3sr cannot
learn python from you - only C++...
Did _you_ learn c++ (or python or whatever else) from your professor??
There is plenty of tutorials on the web. I am sure they will better
spend 3 weeks on python & yade scripts then being frightened straight
away by c++. (No accident that The UNIX-haters handbook calls c++ "cobol
of the 90s").

give me a light-speed spaceship, so I that can compress time and
learn python during extra gained days. A trip to nearest start
will be an extra entertainment. ;p

oh, wait. it works in opposite way. I will lose local time
instead.. So let's do the opposite. I'll stay in the solar system, and
let's move Earth forth and back at near the light speed :))


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