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Re: R: Re: Contact detection


> > I meant that it will be shorter, maybe a lot shorter :)
> I hope to. However, 90% of the modelings still need a bit of c++ coding. 
> You need a new constitutive law, you want a new body shape, you are 
> implementing couplings, etc : c++ is still a prerequisite in most cases.
> For people USING existing models, yes, it can be a lot faster.

Even for development, it helps to get faster the overall picture how the
simulation works, you can play with things and so on. Then if you get in
the c++ code, you at least know how it relates to the rest of yade.

(That's my experience -- I actually understood yade when doing the
python wrapper, if I remember. I know I should't extrapolate, that's

Then, when you work in c++, it help also in debugging: you can instantly
look what are internal variables of you interactions, how they develop,
you can have a loop that changes some parameter every few iterations and
so on.