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Re: KiCad new look - new icons and new buttons


>> I just saw the first two commits.  I'm definitely looking forward to the
>> improved tool bar images.  If the samples on Fabrizio's website are any
>> indication, Kicad should look pretty darn good.  I'll hold off
>> committing my patch to disable menu item images until you get this
>> completed.  Thank you for efforts.
>> Wayne
> I appreciate you waiting.  Still working on it.  Plan on not quitting until I am
> at a reasonable way point.
> Dick

Just committed.  A BITMAP_DEF is now a const pointer to an opaque object,
from bitmaps.h:

/// a BITMAP_DEF is really a const pointer to an opaque
/// structure.  So you should never need to use 'const' with it.

Fabrizio is working an enormous number of hours on the *.svgs, having to create
from scratch a couple hundred.  This is probably more work than he anticipated.

*He should have all our appreciation.*

The incorporation of them into the code is what I am working on, and this is
also a few days work, more than I originally guessed.  Like software.


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