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Re: 5.1


Am 2018-10-24 17:20, schrieb Maciej Suminski:
Actually I was pretty sure that my approach is bullet-proof, but perhaps
I do not get where the trap is hidden. As far as I understand, Seth
experienced problems when pcbnew (wxWidgets/gtk2) loaded wxPython shared
libraries (wxWidgets/gtk3), which end up in symbol conflicts.

This issue is eliminated in my branch by ensuring KiCad requests the
same wxWidgets flavor as is used by wxPython. I might be lacking
explanation skills, but code is unambiguous - have a look at [1], lines
746 and 775.

Hi Orson-

It looks like this overwrites the user's preference for GTK toolkit. I'd like to keep the ability to specify which toolkit I compile against if possible.


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