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Re: Was the initial graphics mode screen removed?


On 12/01/2022 14:24, pmx wrote:

Le 12/01/2022 à 13:32, Franck Bourdonnec a écrit :

well, my second laptop is a an old e525 acer that is more than enough rapid to do 'internet/video/kicad/kicad debuging...' even with 2~3 hours for a full build.
Having it unable to run KiCad , very disapointing ;)

Funny enough (so to speak...), my main laptop mainboard just crashed and I'm currently back to a 2007 Hewlett-Packard laptop (15 years old!) running Linux. The Nvidia GPU driver is not supported anymore by the latest X11 🙁 (AFAIK, they dropped the DirectX9 programming interface. Have to use Nouveau driver + DRI / OpenGL2.1).
Surprisingly, I can run Freecad almost flawlessly (on not too complicated designs), but Eeschema is stunningly slow (for example, serious lag when moving components onscreen). A positive note : a slow machine help put some parts of the code efficiency under the magnifying glass 😁 !!

Do you have antialiasing enabled?

Don't partitipate to "obsolescence programmée" ("programmed trashing ?") ?

-> AFAIK, This is "Planned Obsolescence".

Well, if someone planned it, it's not us, but Apple and MS. Under Linux you can at least use any version of KiCad you please (or you're free to hack the newest master to your needs).