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Re: Getting a checkout


On Mon, 2009-02-09 at 12:37 +1100, Martin Pool wrote:

> It would be really good to get that writeup, both as tips for newbies
> and maybe as a source for potential improvements.

If I have not sent anything to the list or managed to find the right
contact for the website by March 1, 2009.  PLEASE PLEASE remind men that
I am delinquent.

I feel that this is very important and I am willing to answer direct
emails from other newbies

> Is there anything we should be changing on the Launchpad side, aside
> from perhaps making it more clear people should upgrade?
I do not think that there is anything to change.  It just needs to be
made more clear that if you are in a certain area according to the top
location (breadcrumbs?) trail; that you may or may not be viewing the
real project statistics.  Example: you may be in the oship-openehr
branch when you THINK you are in OSHIP.

I willl be writing up how "get" works much better for ne than "branch"
and how you need to be sure to SSSH login prior to commiting to a new
branch, even if you created it, etc.

I LIKE the way Launchpad works!   It is just different.  :-)
Navigation is a little weird at times.

> btw what OS are you using where 1.5 is the latest?
I am using Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (I prefer stability)

I found a 1.5 *.deb install for AMD64 on some site.   I finally
installed 1.11 from source; from a recommend site  and it worked great.
Much faster.  So; if one of you wonderfully intelligent folks could
create .debs for AMD64 we would appreciate it!



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