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Re: UI in French?


On Thursday 23,September,2010 09:36 PM, Gilles wrote:
Apparently, the kernel (vmlinuz + possibly initrd.(lz/gz)) live outside
the live root file system filesystem.squashfs, so must be copied
manually in \casper after mounting the USB key in the running Lubuntu.

I'd also like to know if the persistence described above does save all
the changes made through apt-get, or just configuration files in /etc.

I sent a message without receiving your message yet. Yes, you're right, it does live outside, in the casper directory. And from my (limited) experience with casper, casper-rw and persistent, so far all changes I've made stick (keeps), including applications, settings and so far with the main exception of kernel changes, and that to me is an important one, so I did not use this live booting except to test out new alpha versions of kubuntu.

But I've found Lubuntu to an excellent OS to boot direct from a usb, unlike say, Ubuntu Netbook Remix and even the smaller distros like Puppy or DSL. So I am typing this from a 'direct install' of Lubuntu from a usb stick even when I have Kubuntu and others on the hard disk. I'm loving it!

Regards - Gph Lip