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Re: MariaDB Server 10.3 notes


just some ideas...

at first time i read plugable parser, and i was thinking that it could
allow nosql (handler socket/memcahce) protocol inside mysql "session"
(connect + auth + allow communicate with server), removing the sql
parser/optimizer without loosing mysql_connect() authentication/security

a "plugable" parser, could remove a lot of nosql client side/server side
libs, maybe a nosql parser could be nice to be implemented
like"mysql_crud_get()", "mysql_crud_set()", etc .. without installing a
daemon plugin (handlersocket/memcache)

a plugable parser could allow a python/R/julia/anything to run a analytics
algorithm direct to storage engine? i don't know if this could help at
allow v8/others languages at server side but the idea sounds ok to me,
something like mysql_v8_eval("v8 script"), just ideas...

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