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Re: ownCloud app.


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Alberto Mardegan wrote on 19/08/14 08:17:
> On 08/18/2014 10:36 PM, Rodney Dawes wrote:
>> We could, but I think we should try to work in the opposite 
>> direction. Moving them into the base system means more strict 
>> requirements on what changes they get and when they get updated,
>> and requires a system image update to get new ones, unless they
>> remain in click packages, which still has the same problem of
>> them being in click packages and click packages not having
>> dependencies. If they were moved to the .debs instead, we'd also
>> need new frameworks so that apps depending on the framework
>> plug-in could declare that; otherwise we can have broken apps.
> Good point.

Having account setup in Online Accounts, instead of inside an app,
makes the app harder to use. People have to learn and understand that
there's a separate place on the system listing a separate "online
account" that an app may or may not have permission to access.

So it's worthwhile only if it saves a lot of time -- only if multiple
apps use the same kind of account. As long as there's only one
ownCloud app, having ownCloud accounts in Online Accounts would be

>> If multiple click packages provide the same account plug-in,
>> does online-accounts show it multiple times, or does it get
>> limited to the one account type being shown in the list? Avoiding
>> duplicates will at least be good in the meantime, while apps do
>> have to provide their own copies.
> When you click on "Add account", you'll see all the available 
> providers; that is, if two different click packages ship a similar 
> account plugin, you'll see that twice. I don't think we can merge 
> them into a single one, and in fact if you create an account using 
> the plugin provided by the first app, you won't see it in the
> second app.
> ...

That's an example of why apps shouldn't be able to add account types
to Online Accounts at all.

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