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Re: ownCloud app.


On mer, 2014-08-20 at 09:06 +0100, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
> Having account setup in Online Accounts, instead of inside an app,
> makes the app harder to use. People have to learn and understand that
> there's a separate place on the system listing a separate "online
> account" that an app may or may not have permission to access.

What I'd like, is to be able to simply add an ownCloud account to sync
contacts and calendars, much like the Google account already does. I've
no interest in installing a dedicated ownCloud app.

Note this has been available in GOA for atleast a couple of years now.

> So it's worthwhile only if it saves a lot of time -- only if multiple
> apps use the same kind of account.

I'd also like to add notes syncing to the notes app using ownCloud. I've
already done this in my gnome-shell extension, by retrieving the
credentials from GOA.

I'd like to do the same on the phone, the code is Javascript, so I
should be able to reuse it mostly unchanged.

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