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Re: Call for user cases ?


Am 04.03.2012 11:15, schrieb Christoph Zwerschke:
Agree. Except opening an external editor can be dangerous because then
you have two disconnected editing windows open for the same content, and
you can easily loose data when you save at the wrong time in the wrong
editor. Better to include a real raw editing *mode* which can also have
a keyboard shortcut. It would be a bit more work, but I don't think
revolutionary development work will be needed for that.

By the way, as Dotan just pointed out, the possiblity to open the raw text with an external editor (of your choice) already exists, under the tools menu.

I totally overlooked that. The reason is that I'm not using zim on a daily basis yet, because there is no practicable way to import my old data as html/rtf. That's for me the only larger issue. But I expect this will be solved in future versions, or maybe I will work on that issue myself if I find the time.

-- Christoph