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Re: UI in French?


At 16:30 23/09/2010, Goh Lip wrote:
But just to add or elaborate, what I did was to install Lubuntu like to a hard disk but it is to a usb stick instead. That's the whole explanation. The advantages are that, of course, there is no need for persistent or casper-rw, and things should process faster. There might be some things to watch out for, like setting grub to hard disk instead of to the usb stick, as some have found out.

Sounds good. However, the image that is sent to the USB key is the current Lubuntu ISO, while I need to remove most of the items in the Menu, add a couple of applications, so I guess this is not what I need, and I should look at "remastering" the ISO from the customized, running USB key.

Normally, at every kernel change, the system will, besides updating the grub menu or grub.cfg, it will create both the initrd and syslink and /vmlinuz and syslink to /root. However, until recently, I noticed Lubuntu was not doing this, as compared to ubuntu and kubuntu. Also even if it does this now, we had to take care that it is done to the casper directory instead and named properly, as Leszek has just pointed out to me just now.

BTW, does someone know exactly how initrd.(gz|lz) is built? Am I correct in thinking it's just grabbing everything in /lib/modules/ and compressing them in a single file?

Thank you.

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