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Re: Shared plugin library build question


On Wed, 2011-11-09 at 02:50 +0100, Vladislav Vaintroub wrote:

> Oh, this is libedit vs readline. It is the most complicated stuff in  current cmake setup
> (cmake/readline.cmake), that unfortunately got ported  1-1 from autotools, and the code in
> autotools was already bad originally and it has not got prettier with CMake , and it was my
> very first CMake code , and it remained as ugly as it was at the start.
>  But to the problem
> There are different possibilities to use system readline, system libedit,  bundled readline,
> bundled libedit , the default is bundled libedit (frankly I've got no clue why we or MySQL
> have a choice of 2 almost equivalent libs, but anyway)
> The cmake flags that enable one or another are
> If none is set (equivalent to both are 0), system library is searched, with readline preference,
> and libedit backoff. I have to admit , I do not understand the logic in cmake/readline.cmake fully,
> so this is also from my memory mostly. One of those libs should be new otherwise there are problems
> with header files, and HIST_ENTRY might well be  this problem.
> What you can definitely  do right now, is  to remove CMakeCache.txt and rerun 
> cmake <path-to-source> -DWITH_LIBEDIT=0 -DWITH_READLINE=0 

That did not work, cmake died with:

CMake Error at cmake/readline.cmake:223 (MESSAGE):
  Cannot find system readline or libedit libraries.Use WITH_READLINE or

> If that fails,  try the cmake <path-to-source>  -DWITH_LIBEDIT=0 -DWITH_READLINE=1  . 

This one did work.

> Once we find the variant that works on HPUX, I'd prefer to hardcode that in cmake/os/HP-UX.cmake
> (if memory serves me right, only readline is workable on HPUX, not libedit, but it has been some
> time since I have compiled 5.5 on HPUX )

It looks like READLINE is the way to go.  And with this change added to
the earlier ones I got the build to complete with no errors.  I haven't
tried running the test suite yet, but I will do that next.  This build
was done with GCC, I want to also try building with the HP compiler to
see how that works.

Steve Ellcey

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