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Re: Software Center instead of gnome-packagekit


On 3 December 2012 13:06, Satyajit Sahoo <satyajit.happy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Users will install Firefox and LibreOffice anyways.
What about chrome/chromium? To me, the use of Web (epiphany) is clearly
justified (and we will not end up arguing about browser preferences). Web
is in a bettter position as they try to provide something of a unique
experience (not yet implemented). On the otherhand I agree that libreoffice
is something most linux users are using.

> If anyone wanted the pure Gnome Experience, why won't he/she use Fedora
> instead?
There are other factors which influence the decision, say support
(including LTS), application avaialbility, ease of use/install (selinux,
driver, flash installs, bleeding edge/stability). We could provide all
those without sacrificing on the 'pure gnome experience'.

The so called "Pure Gnome Experience" sounds great, but practically the
> experience is not great, *at least for now*.
This is true. At the same time, Gnome is moving towards a highly integrated
desktop. From boot (systemd,gdm) up to the application level (see videos
and photos this cycle). If we are to provide firefox, USC etc. we surely
end up with a weird desktop, where most applications look/bahave in
coherence but the core apps look like from a different distro (especially
USC). So,  the question is do we want a coherent vanilla gnome or the
best(?) gnome experience?

If we use firefox, USC etc., I am afraid that we might end up labelled as
'ubuntu minus unity'. I am not sure how relevant or attractive that makes
us as a serious distro. My guess is those people install shell in ubuntu
and be happy with it. On the other hand a pure gnome distro is something of
a brand on its own. I believe, this is something which surely attracts
Justin Joseph