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Re: Software Center instead of gnome-packagekit


Ok, so lets explain.

Epiphany dont support Flash and today we really need it, I love html5 and I
hope flash will be death one day, but right now, a normal user can't live
without flash.

I cant enumerate right now a list of pages that looks odd in Epiphany but I
remember lots of times where I open another browser just because the
Epiphany don't works as expected.

Firefox and Chrome comes with a plugin system and today most "end users"
uses lots of this plugins/extensions.

Anyway, when I say that we don't need to explain is because there's tons of
features in Firefox and Chrome not available in Web and is much more easy
to enumerate features that Web includes than features not included.

Again, think about "END USERS", we (hackers, technical people, GNOME fans,
etc) can always execute two apt-get lines (apt-get purge
packages-i-dont-want && apt-get install packages-i-like).

2012/12/3 Julien Olivier <julo42@xxxxxxxxx>

> Le lundi 03 décembre 2012 à 07:13 -0200, Everaldo Canuto a écrit :
> > Well, we don't really need to explain how Web (Epiphany) is far from
> > Firefox and Chrome.
> >
> Sorry if this is going a bit off-topic, but, yes, actually, you do need
> to explain it, at least for me :)

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