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Re: ownCloud app.



I've pushed some inital, not at all working code to both projects.

Need the http auth knowledge now.

Also, the owncloud app could possibly be a bookmark until it can get the
account details from the plugin.
Vänlig hälsning / Yours sincerely,
   Daniel Holm
   IT Consultant
   Web Developer
   Student, Political Science

lör 2014-08-23 klockan 16:45 +0200 skrev Daniel Holm:
> Hi again,
> So.
> 1. I think we still should work with an account plugin for, among
> others, these reasons:
> a: Users not knowing what Online accounts completely misses the point by
> that service in the Ubuntu platform, and since it is a central part of
> Ubuntu nowadays, and its connectivity, this is where we should have our
> plugin.
> b: easier, and safer, to store the login details.
> c: easier for other apps to use without reinventing the [wheel] login
> instructions every time.
> d: using Online accounts gives the user the possibility to accept or
> reject each service that asks for the account details - like oauth.
> e: setting up the evolution data stuff is currently not possible by pure
> QML.
> 2. I will start right now with an little UI (once I've set up a demo OC
> 7 site) that first of all lets a user input the server URL and then
> shows the site. I will push this to the project and give you a shout so
> that you guys can give it a go.
> 3. I will give owncloud-qml a go with the latest OC version. Maybe it
> still works.
> 4. Set up a few different branches on launchpad:
> a: trunk - latest stable. Request a merge and another on the team
> accepts.
> b: bleeding - push and merge the latest you got without asking.
> 5. We might need some help from someone with more experience with Online
> accounts to push us forward.
> 6. Since ownCloud doesn’t support OAuth we need to do a HTTP auth, and
> that's something I've never tried, so we might need some help with that
> if none other has some experience(?).
> Rock and roll,