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Re: ownCloud app.


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Mitchell Reese wrote on 20/08/14 11:34:
> I disagree about an account setup in the 'Online Accounts' area
> being harder to use. Actually, that's the first place I'd expect to
> look for integration with online accounts.

That's because by saying "integration with online accounts" you're
assuming the question. When someone first starts using the phone, they
probably don't even know what "Online Accounts" means, let alone what
"integration" would mean.

> Furthermore, this is Owncloud we're talking about - the chances are
> very high that people using it will be either developers, or have a
> high degree of technical knowledge - one of the main draws of
> owncloud being you can install it yourself.

That would make signing in to an ownCloud account, wherever its UI,
more difficult than most other account types: you'd need to enter the
installation URL as well as the authentication details.

Despite that, I doubt it's the intention of the ownCloud developers
that it will be targeted at developers/technorati forever.

To be clear, I'm not saying that ownCloud should never be in Online
Accounts. It should be included there once apps using ownCloud are,
collectively, sufficiently popular that putting it there would save
more time than it wastes.

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