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Re: Some impressions about the current status of Unity


On 26. feb. 2012 00:14, Adrian Maier wrote:
On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 20:58, Ian Santopietro<isantop@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Directory based navigation is a bad concept for modern computing. Not even
Windows is holding on to that in Windows 8. Users don't care about folders
or files. They only want to interact with data.
Well,  in this case i have some bad old news for them : data is stored
in files.  And files are organized in directories.  If some users
prefer to put all of their files in a single directory (for example
"on the desktop")   this is nothing but a bad practice.

Then using hard links, for instance, is a bad idea? Or tags? Hierarchies are not the only way to store data. For instance, the web is a collection of files, but quite a few people now actually use search engines instead of old-style web directories. Because in the beginning, we did actually view the web as a hierarchy. A lot of people seems to have forgotten this already.

It's perfectly legal to mean that using searches to access things is a bad idea, but nearly all users will disagree with you.

Jo-Erlend Schinstad

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