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Re: new name considerations


Well, looks like nobody wants to vote. So perhaps it was a wrong idea
after all. But anyway, let's finish this. The only voices I get is to
use the name OpenDEM, prefixed with YADE to make the transition more

I agree that YADE-*** prefix is a very good way to make the
transition more smooth. So I add this as a voting option. And maybe,
if at last some people will vote, we will use the winning name in
place of ***. So the new name we will be YADE-***

Frederic and Ahmed suggested names for particular packages, like:

> BVPPlatform | DEM
> BVPPlatform | FEM  
> YADE-openDEM
> YADE-openFEM

as you can see, the problem is that yade is not only for DEM, it can
handle more than just DEM. That's why I think that name OpenDEM will
be a bit misleading. Perhaps the idea from Stefan: "OpenDEM Plus"
would be less misleading.... I'll add this as another voting options.

So I am going to post an update list of names to vote. And that is
going to be the last chance. If no one votes (except me) we remain

If option YADE-*** will be among winners, the new name (a ***) will
be prefixed with YADE- to make smooth transition between new name and
old name.

# Janek Kozicki
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