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Re: voting


>>How do I give 100 points to Frederics idea of a Yade-Open DEM / 
>>Yade-Open BEAM / Yade-Open Whatever suite? ;-)
>>I like this idea a lot.
>You have voted for YADE-OpenDEM and that's it.
>The point is, however, that we seek a single name. It is obvious what
>will be the names of various components (DEM, FEM, BEAM, etc...)
>We will make a new website, with a new title at the top. And what
>would we place there - three names? 
>   Yade-Open DEM / Yade-Open BEAM / Yade-Open Whatever ?
>And add a new new each time a new package is added? Or maybe a single
>   Yade-Open ?
>I hope that you see the point now - the names for various components
>are obvious. But we need a single name to name them all together.
My vote is in fact "keep the old name".
The "new" title at the top of the "new" site would be "Yade" then.
The main problem with this name (Yade) is that 1) it does not indicate 
the fact that the project is open-source and 2) it gives no idea of what 
the software is.
Currently, if you type "open fem" in google the first result is the 
openFEM site.
If you type "open dem" you find nothing related to the DEM or Yade. Of 
course, Yade is not only a DEM platform, but DEM-package is the one wich 
have the more users, and it will attract the more people.
Naming the packages explicitely (openDEM, openBEAM,...) in the old 
website could be enough to solve the problem on the google side. 
Everybody looking for an open dem code will find yade.
It will be possible to refer to a specific Yade-OpenXXX package in 
publications too.


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