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Re: floating point issue ( from Strange eeschema behavior at zoom 0.7) in wxWidgets 2.9.1


>>> Currently on Linux, if you start eeschema without loading a schematic, the
>>> sheet border is off screen on top and bottom, suggesting the initial zoom is
>>> not optimal for viewing the border.
>>> Is this intentional?
>> It happens in any loading of a schematic, and any sheet change within a
>> schematic also, and therefore cannot be intentional.
> I do not have this problem.
> Is it a recent issue (BestZoom() was slightly modified in eeschema to fix issue for zoom = 0.7) ?

bzr head, 30 minutes ago.

The problem is also when I click on the button whose tooltip reads:

"Fit the schematic sheet on the screen <HOME>"

The width is correct, meaning the side schematic boundaries are close to the
window's perimeter.
But the top and bottom of the schematic sheet boundaries are not displayed. 
Maybe this is what is intended?

It is sort of like when you ask a PDF viewer to "fit width", and it has to
clip top and bottom.