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BZR workflow notes


I discovered a couple useful things about bzr that, based on earlier
comments, you guys might be interested in.

If you work relative to a shared repository then pulling a branch of
kicad only takes the time required to download the differences instead
of pulling the whole branch.

For me to do this the commands looked like:

>bzr init-repo kicad
>cd kicad
>bzr branch lp:kicad trunk
>bzr branch lp:~hauptmech/kicad/gui-tweaks

Merges work as you would guess...

>cd gui-tweaks
>bzr merge ../trunk


And finally bzr can generate a patch file with all the contextual
metadata it needs for a merge.

>cd gui-tweaks
>bzr send -o ../my-new.patch ../trunk

This can be applied either with 'patch' which ignores the scary looking
blob at the end...

>cd ../trunk
>patch -p0 ../my-new.patch

or via a merge

>cd ../trunk
>bzr merge ../my-new.patch

Hope that helps....