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Re: Some impressions about the current status of Unity


I don't fully understand why are you mentioning that there will be a
"large" number of  web applications .   It would be simply one lens
full of links to the user's  preferred web applications  (actually
websites...) .   These can be maybe 10-20 ,  not thousands .   It's
hard to see what is the big novelty here :   in 10.04   it is already
possible to create an app launcher that starts firefox with a specific

Hopefully there is no intention to have in the Dash a huge list of all
the websites that exist in the world , right  ?!

So the idea would be to have the user's recently accessed websites
presented inside Dash?   This sounds handy if  done right  :   if
it's dynamic it would need a clever algorithm for ignoring the
irrelevant urls .

The idea is to show the user applications, regardless of where they are. We're not talking about websites in general, but rather applications that are delivered over the web, like GMail and Google Docs. These are still applications, and should still be shown in the Applications lens, not in a separate lens.

Michael Hall