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Re: Some impressions about the current status of Unity


Whilst it's great that finding applications can now be done by tags, I was actually referring to replacing the whole folder/fie system with tags. i.e. When I save something, I no longer select the folder to save it into, I simply choose from a list of pre-existinsg tags (defaults and ones I have previously created) or type in a box to add a new tag. The single biggest advantage to me of this system is that I can place a single document in multiple locations. One problem which would need to be overcome would be unique naming (since files are no longer separated by folders)

On the other hand, I haven't before explored how easy it is to create hardlinks. I just did. The answer is very easy (Middle click drag and drop) Since this solves the multiple location issue, but without dragging up its own set of problems, perhaps I should just use this.


On 26/02/12 03:21, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
On 25 February 2012 21:43, Marco Trevisan (Treviño)<3v1n0@xxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Unity (or better the application lens ) already supports tags or keywords
the problem is that the great majority of applications doesn't provide them
in their desktop file using the X-GNOME-Keywords parameter.
I think that adding them to the applications is a great and easy way to
contribute to the ubuntu quality.

Please read more at http://is.gd/RteZa5

Michael Hall, I think you should try to involve the community on this as
it's a simple task, but it can give great results!
That parameter has been renamed to just "Keywords". See
/usr/share/applications/gnome-background-panel.desktop for an example.
But it seems that doesn't actually work for the Dash.

What does work is "X-AppInstall-Keywords=" like I added to a few of
the gnome-games, such as gnomine, gtali, etc. I've opened
https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/941231 requesting that Unity
support the new "Keywords" entry, and I'll be following up with
Software Center to do the same.

Jeremy Bicha

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