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Re: Some impressions about the current status of Unity


On Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 20:02, Michael Hall <mhall119@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> The hierachical directories is concept too deeply used in all
>> operating systems .   It will not go away just because many users use
>> their computers only for web and searching  photos/videos/music .
> Phones and Tablets don't expose a hierarchical filesystem, which proves that
> users can easily adapt to a metaphor that don't use folders.

Yet they still have a hierarchical filesystem .

A smartphone deals with a very limited range of files , which makes it
possible to :  save photos in a predetermined directory , save videos
in a predetermined directory ,  play music from a predetermined
directory   ,  and  store the ebooks in a predetermined  directory ,
and so on  .

I don't see such a scheme working on a general-purpose computer.


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