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Re: Shared plugin library build question


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Steve Ellcey [mailto:sje@xxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Donnerstag, 10. November 2011 00:09
> To: Vladislav Vaintroub
> Cc: 'Sergei Golubchik'; maria-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: [Maria-developers] Shared plugin library build question
> On Wed, 2011-11-09 at 22:40 +0100, Vladislav Vaintroub wrote:
> > I assume this is a bug in mysql-test-run.pl .  Currently, plugins are not
> loaded unless you build
> > in the source directory.   Could you apply patch for  'mysql-test/mysql-test-
> run.pl' from here
> > http://lists.askmonty.org/pipermail/commits/2011-October/002493.html
> and see if this helps?
> > Please make sure to apply diff ONLY for 'mysql-test/mysql-test-run.pl' , not
> the whole thing
> This did not seem to help.  I changed mysql-test-run.pl but I still get
> the federated test failures with:
> 111109 14:55:20 [ERROR] /wsp/sje/mariadb/bazaar/repo/install/bin/mysqld:
> unknown option '--federated'
> 111109 14:55:20 [ERROR] Aborting
> When I look in the lib/plugin directory I see ha_federated.so and
> ha_federatedx.so but no federated.so.

Yes, storage engines built as shared libraries are always "ha_" prefixed (historical reasons).  Why they are not loaded, or whether they  are attempted to load, or why mysqld barfs, I cannot tell at the moment . But from 5.3's (Windows-only) cmake I see that we had always built federatedx statically into the server, thus I hope a rebuild with

could finally solve your problems.

> Steve Ellcey
> sje@xxxxxxxxxx