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Re: MariaDB Server 10.3 notes


2016-10-16 11:38 GMT-02:00 Justin Swanhart <greenlion@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Doesn't the Bing team port rocks?  Obviously there is interest in support for Windows in Redmond, but apparently not for TokuDB.
> The market decides.  It has been demonstrated that TokuDB isn't precisely general purpose, so the desire to port it is lesser.

i think market use more innodb/myisam/ariadb than tokudb, and when
someone need 'enterprise db' he/she try postgresql or mssql or oracle,
at least that's what i see here, working with oracle give more money
than mysql...
i tested tokudb cause i was asking myself whats the performace of
tokudb vs innodb, and with time i will test rocksdb too
i tested column store with scada system and it worked really nice,
many queries are faster, but i'm not sure if the software is stable
for heavy use (turnoff computer with more than 100gb of data), for now
i'm running innodb and testing column in some smaller production

> Plenty of people run Windows and MySQL in production.  They just aren't members of our community, because we tend to ostracize them for their OS choice.

there're many, many guys using mysql and windows, brazil goverment
produce software to track invoices using mysql and windows running in
many (1mi+) machines, just an example, it's innodb based (why? i don't
know, maybe "it just works" and it's not default engine?!)

>could you get rid of
* top posting (it was top post)
* convert a plaintext thread to html (sorry i'm using gmail)
* reply all? (i'm using reply all with gmail, cc to maria discuss list)

Roberto Spadim