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Re: Scripted installation of backported texlive packages in 12.04


On 14/06/13 21:12, Jonathan Marsden wrote:
On Fri, Jun 14, 2013, at 12:06 PM, Yorvyk wrote:

Have you tried this yet?

No... I worked on a different open source project last night... I
hope to try this idea out sometime over this coming weekend.

No worries. Just wondering how things are going.

Fine, I think.  I added myself to the Googe Docs sheet to author the
 Installation chapter for Lubuntu, and commited my first pass (didn't
 actually go all the way through it in depth, but I made a start). No
screenshots yet, I need to read the Ubuntu Manual Style Guide for
details on how to get those right, and then try it out.

I have that open at the moment.

There are a few interesting implications for Lubuntu as a whole in
documenting things this way.  Example#1: We need to decide what the
"official" place to go to to download Lubuntu is, and then commit to
 keeping it that way.  Example#2: We need to decide what we
recommend for installing in 512MB PCs -- do we tell people to use the
Altermate CD in that situation?

http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop isn't as daunting as
http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/13.04/release/ is it. Then
there's http://lubuntu.net/ We''l have to think about that one.

I think we should recommend the Alternate CD for 512 and below as we
know it works and as the Live CD is only a maybe at that level of RAM.
But, with the introduction of zRAM on the live CD it may work at that
level. I've not tried it yet.

I did envisage problems like this as I read through the Ubuntu version
making a few notes. This is why I suggested we aim for a beta version
for 13.10 so users could try it out and provide feedback for a full
version for 14.04.

But if you are in a rush, you can just do it "by hand" by adding
that PPA, and then installing texlive from the packages, then
downloading the lubuntu-manual- saucy branch using bzr, and
running pkgs/install- pkgs.sh to complete the installation.  I
haven't tried that either, but it "should" work.

I tried that and it appears to work OK.

Good!  So now you can pick a chapter or two and start writing.  Lead
the way and set us a good example :)

I'm under-way seeing what, if anything we can keep.
You'll notice, from the spreadsheet, I've got us a proof reader. She's a
retired English teacher, and she still has lots of red pens :) She does
proofreading as a part time job now, so should be useful when it come s
to grammar and the like. She used the manual to get her self going with
Ubuntu last year and was quite impressed with it. Her hope is to
resurrect an old laptop with Lubuntu and with out my assistance. Which
is way she's interested in helping.