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Re: Info about floating point issue and strange eeschema behavior at zoom < 1


On 12 April 2011 16:01, jp.charras <jp.charras@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I made some tests to use wxMSW 2.8.12 and wxWidgets 2.9.1 (and patched these
> version on my computer)
> I updated wxWidgets_patch_notes.txt, removed previous changes about zoom
> limitation, and fixed a minor zoom issue in libedit.
> For wxMSW, version 2.8.x
> Some draw scale factor > 1  create serious artifacts. This is not a recent
> issue.
> See http://trac.wxwidgets.org/ticket/9554 (and 11669).
> This is fixed in version 2.9.x
> Here is a workaround, that is not a full fix, but remaining artifacts are
> acceptable
> See also http://trac.wxwidgets.org/ticket/9554 about this workaround.
> edit file  edit file <wxWidgets>/src/msw/dc.cpp
>  >> search for line
>    static const int VIEWPORT_EXTENT = 1000;
>  >> and replace by
>    static const int VIEWPORT_EXTENT = 10000;
> wxWidgets 2.9.1 (all platforms)
> Has a problem when using the built-in string to double conversion:
> In countries using a comm instead of a point as floating number separator
> after calling this conversion function, the comma is changed in point.
> (Happens after reading a parameter stored in a wxConfig structure, if this
> parameter is a double)
> Workaround:
> Use a version > 2.9.1
> Currently the 2.9.2 is not yet finalized, but the 2.9.1 version can be used.
> This issue can be fixed by replacing the file
> <wxWidgets-2.9.1>/src/common/xlocale.cpp
> by the corresponding file from the 2.9.2 version (from wxWidgets svn server)
> Note also this issue is annoying for all applications, not only Kicad.
> Hope this is useful for other developers and maintainers.

This is very useful Jean-Pierre, thanks for summarising the issues.

Best Regards,